The Luxury of Time

Italians have a term for music that is rhythmically free and expressive: Tempo Rubato. Or “stolen time.”

This is music that follows human time, not machine time. Music that speeds up and slows down. With the ebb and flow of emotion. It is not the artificial rigidity of a metronome. Instead of a digital algorithm, it follows the heart.

It is precisely human time that makes a MAROL shirt a work of luxury.

This is true of our ready to wear, where our craftsmanship is led by the highest level of skill and knowledge, not by the dictates of machinery and the assembly line.

It is especially true of our Su Misura, when the craft takes all the time it needs. To measure, to cut, to craft. To dream.

When artisans and the customer jointly decide to forego the euphoria of instant satisfaction so typical of modern times. To strive to make something perfect.

The luxury of crafting for one. The quintessence of MAROL Su Misura.

While we are proud of the MAROL silhouette - painstakingly perfected to be flattering and comfortable at the same time - we are happy to look after the needs of the truly discerning. As we have always done. Where nothing relating to a shirt is impossible. From materials, to fit, to every stylistic detail. Rendering dreams into reality with the finest level of craftsmanship. Human craftsmanship.

That is the heart of Italian craft. Of Italian luxury.

Made to Measure

A MAROL shirt, made for you.

Made to measure begins with a consultation. More than ten body measurements are taken with care. We then have a conversation, not only on technicalities of yarn count, collar shape, placket style and monogram fonts, but also on style. Where will the shirt(s) be worn? When? What will it be worn with? Does one wish to feel put together or at ease?

The fabric of choice is then cut from an existing pattern and adjusted precisely to the recorded measurements.

The shirt will then be made in Bologna by our artisans, in exact accordance with your wishes.


The highest form of our art.

Bespoke begins, like the fine arts, with paper and pencil. A unique paper pattern based on your physical measurements is created, transcending your physical form with the intention to flatter. A three-dimensional representation of your ideal self. The blueprint for all your bespoke creations.

Like made to measure, the fabric and features of your shirt are limited only by your imagination.

The semi-finished shirt will join the customer for a fitting. Every physical peculiarity is addressed beyond simple lengths and widths. We use as many fittings as necessary to ensure an ideal fit.

Once the fit is perfected, the shirt is finished without compromise. The MAROL way.

By private appointment only.